Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dan Parker: Leader of the Whiners

Today Matt Tully had an article in the Star regarding complaints from the State Democratic Party. Apparently Dan Parker, Indiana Democratic Party Chair, had his panties in a knot because Tully had the nerve to write that the Democrat State Party is behind their Republican counterparts in money and organization. Hmm….does anyone believe that isn’t the case?

Parker admits the State GOP has raised more money but blows that off by saying, “Duh, they control all of state government.” Well first off, you’re a State Party Chair not a 1994 sorority girl. Second, I’m pretty sure the Indiana Republicans have been outraising the Democrats for a few years before winning the Governors race.

Regarding organization, Parker seemed to be pleased that they were able to keep the lights on and have 8 staffers. That’s a big accomplishment, Danny. Seriously, we’re all very proud of you. But the bottom line is that Democrats have been behind the GOP in both areas. Democrats have been outraised and understaffed for the last few years and the results speak for themselves.

But this is the Democrat way. You don’t like a news article, throw a tantrum. You don’t like that the Governor is cleaning up the mess your Party ignored for 16 years, whine like a baby. A group of third graders couldn’t do it better themselves.


At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A democrat complaining???? I don't believe it.

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

Yeah, I know it's quite shocking.

They wouldn't have so much to whine about if they had done, I don't know, ANYTHING in the last 16 years!


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