Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Give Credit When Credit Is Due

The FIN was overjoyed to hear that Library CEO, Linda Mielke, has decided against taking the four percent pay increase that the Library Board approved last week. She opted out of the raise stating that it would “send the wrong message.”

The library has had to cut costs significantly which has resulted in cutting some services, such as the seniors bookmobile program. They have also had to reduce some benefits of retired libarary employees.

You, Linda Mielke, get a gold star!


At 11:18 PM, Anonymous jake said...

Well that's good I suppose.

Still a little concerned on how much money we are putting into the library. I read somewhere that they are spending a ton of money on dvds and other media stuff.

I like that the library offers that but if we're that much overbudget, let's just make sure we have the books we need and leave the dvds to blockbuster.


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