Monday, March 13, 2006

King Bart?

The FIN just received word that the Marion County Auditor, Marty Womacks is suing the Mayor, the City Controller, and the City Council of Indianapolis. Apparently the legislature consolidated some of the functions of the city and the county during the 2005 legislative session.

Womacks complied with the legislature’s orders and handed over the duties she was supposed to give to the City Controller. Unfortunately, the City Controller has not been so friendly and essentially took the new duties and kept the old ones too. Oh, did I mention that the City Controller is a position appointed by the Mayor?

This type of power grab is hardly a surprise. Being Mayor simply isn’t enough for Peterson. He wants to control every aspect of city government and the Auditor’s office is just his latest attempt. The only thing my buddy Bart wants to consolidate is his power.


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