Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snowed In

I just got done shoveling myself out. I need Spring Break to get here sooner than later. Speaking of spring break and school, I am going to jump out of Marion County sort of, and take a look at the Mitch's plan to make full day kindergarten available to the entire state.

I still don't see why this is the first thing the state is trying to do with regards to kindergarten. Shouldn't we make it mandatory for children to attend kindergarten in the state and then move on to making full day kindergarten available. If I choose not to send my child to kindergarten as I have a right to, and you send your child to full day kindergarten we will have a problem. Because, when these two kids get to 1st grade. Your kid will be solving equations and reading books, while my kid will be dragging the rest of the class down because he is a full year behind.

I am not saying I am against full day kindergarten. Let's just fix the requirement element first. It is like saying liquor stores can't be open on Sunday, but not making a law that says you can't sell alcohol on Sunday.


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