Thursday, March 09, 2006

Will Trees Save Our City?

Our fearless leader Bart seems to think that the best way to move our city forward is to spend a bunch of money Indy doesn't have on trees. We will lay off tens of police officers, we will let criminals out of the ever crowded jail, we will turn a blind eye to potholes to make our city look greener.

Is my buddy Bart alive? Does Bart not read the papers? Has Bart ever gone down to see how many criminals run through the system every day? I suppose these tall wooden pillars could act as cover for people as they run through the streets trying to get to work or school.

Maybe this is a long term plan where the trees will be used to build a new, larger jail in thirty years when they are tall enough to be harvested.

Whatever Bart's plan is, it is not a plan I want.


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