Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Consolidation Concerns

In today's Indianapolis Star, attorney and Radio Show Host, Greg Garrison makes his argument on why consolidation is a bad idea. He writes:

"The debate has worn on for the better part of two years now, and Mayor Bart Peterson's effort to accomplish what he calls a "consolidation" of township offices into the city's bureaucracy is a dead duck -- again. Interesting that it is so with better than 60 local business executives, the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce and a host of politically and economically powerful forces on its side."

"The Star's John Ketzenberger declares it's partisanship that has so far left the mayor's attempted major move in the dust; he claims, with the hearty approval of some really big dogs in the local business community, that "this has become incredibly partisan," quoting Mark Miles of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership."
"Nice try, boys but no cigar."

"The mayor's a good man, but his planning is unworkable. But here the best and brightest continue to look right past the scholarship, the accounting, the history, the common sense and the long-term political realities of such bad ideas and see utopia."


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