Friday, April 21, 2006

Merger Update

WISH TV talks about the decisions that are being made concerning the police merger. Uniform color and training are part of the decisions made last night. This panel recommends what they want done, and then it is up to the Mayor and Sheriff. They have the final say. Let's hope they make a good decision for once and listen to the recommendation. It will save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"The city's police consolidation plan took some big steps forward Thursday night. The big question was black or blue? That's just one of four major issues a committee hammered out Thursday night.
More of the Circle City's police are poised to become men and women in blue. This after the Police Consolidation Advisory Committee approved a plan to outfit 520 Marion County Sheriff's deputies in blue uniforms like IPD, a move that will cost the city $800,000. "


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