Thursday, April 20, 2006

Perry Township Trustee's Race

Interesting article today about Perry Township. Coons, is challenging current Trustee Jack Sandlin.

Candidates Gary Coons and Jack E. Sandlin disagree over how ambulance service, water rescue and hazardous materials cleanup should be provided in Perry Township.
Coons, 34, said that’s in large part why he’s challenging Sandlin, 55, in the May 2 Republican primary for Perry Township trustee.
Sandlin, seeking a third four-year term as trustee, breezed through his two previous primary campaigns without opposition. Perry, Coons said, has the only township fire department in Marion County that doesn’t provide its own ambulance service or hazardous materials and water rescue units.Sandlin said a qualified company provides the ambulance service and the rare need for a water rescue or a hazardous materials cleanup are coordinated through agreements with other units of government, such as Decatur Township for rescues on the White River.“It’s a waste of resources for everybody to have everything,” said Sandlin, a retired Indianapolis Police Department officer.

Coons is an interesting Republican Candidate because he is getting a lot of his money from Democrats.

Democrats must believe their Democrat candidate has no shot in the fall.


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