Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another Jab

Just wanted to point out this story from WISH-TV. It appears that the lack of jail capacity here in Marion County is slowly having a negative affect on Hamilton County. Criminals may not always pay attention to county lines, but they know where the money is, and that is north.

Thieves are hitting one town in Hamilton County hard. Police say as the weather gets warmer, it's bound to get worse.

Fishers has had quite a few thefts and burglaries in the past two months. In a list of recent crimes in the area, several have been on the south side of town near 96th Street and several more as you head north with some along 116th Street and then further north near 141st Street.
Gracepoint Christian Church pastor Richard Clayton showed 24-Hour News 8 the cracks in the window to his church office and chards of glass still on the window sill.

He's not the only victim. Recently, thieves made their mark at Sunblest Farms. Another theft took place at Wellington Apartments and another at Sand Creek Woods Apartments.

"Just the nature of nice weather people like to be outside. And that includes people that want to commit a crime and people that want to victimize somebody and we want to gear up, not just on the police side, but we want the community to gear up," Sgt. Gerry Hepp with the Fishers Police Department said.


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