Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Piecing Things Together

As I read through the goings on in the city today, I notice a disturbing trend. An Airport Officer was shot, a 17 year old was shot and killed, a man was shot outside of a gas station at 16th and Kessler, and Officers killed a robbery suspect at 71st and Georgetown.

That is all in the last 20 hours. Where is a local official to reassure the city that they are on top of curbing the violence. In today's paper, Olgen Williams & Dionne Leslie give their view as to things that need to be done. Olgen Williams is one of the newest members of the IPS School Board. They re taking a step to try and lead the City out of the darkness.

Then you have the other side of the story. Michael Spears, the head of IPD was on WIBC yesterday talking about the price of scrap metal being the root cause of the increase in crime. REALLY!

And the Mayor? He sent out a press release today talking about the huge number of moves in his office. The Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services has 6 new faces, mostly lateral moves within the Mayor's office.

If I am the Mayor, in charge of the city and IPD and crime rises as it has, you start rolling heads. Businesses lose dead weight if they are losing money. As is government. If you are losing in one arena, or another, you have to reorganize and try again. The cost of SCRAP METAL is not the problem.


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