Friday, June 23, 2006

Gray Matter

Tully delves into why we don't want to put more people in jail:

If you see City-County Council President Monroe Gray walking down the street, tell him thanks.
But make sure your voice has a big heap of sarcasm in it.

Say something like, "Hey, Mr. President, thank you sooooo much for showing me how low politics can go."

Because Gray woke up long enough the other day to win the Political Low Blow of the Week. Using his lofty post, he put a silly political roadblock in front of efforts to combat crime.

Let me explain.

For years, Indianapolis has released inmates early because of jail crowding. Often, these criminals celebrate their sudden freedom by doing fun things like robbing convenience stores and breaking into your homes. In April, the county released 381 such inmates.
With that, as well as startling increases in crime, many local leaders are talking in productive ways about solutions. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi has an idea: Send 250 inmates to a state prison in New Castle.

The plan has critics. It's costly, they say. And it veers from the long-term strategies many hope will someday end early releases.

That's fine. Maybe Brizzi's plan is a smart fix; maybe it's short-sighted. That's what debates are for, right?

Not so, says President Gray. In a decision that he has stumbled to defend, Gray refused to let council Republicans even introduce Brizzi's proposal.


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are the Dems going to take responsibility for our city. Peterson has been mayor for 7 years and the Dems have had the council for 3 years. They have had their chance to address and fix these problems but they'd rather sit on their collective hands and obstuct any good idea which might benefit any Republican not matter how contructive or effective that idead might be. Monroe Gray should be ashamed of himself. We shouldn't be suprised though. When a sitting ci-county councilor gets caught at an illegal gambling establishment with NO consequences, he probably assumes he can get away with most things.


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