Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jailed it on the Head

In the wake of one of the most horrific crimes to be committed in this city, people are finally starting to listen, and talk about the very reals problems our city is in. There are a number of articles in the Star today dealing with the rise in crime and jail overcrowding.

It is sad that something terrible like this event has to happen before anyone will pay attention to it. However, it appears to be the positive out of this very sad story.

For too long, we've focused on the glitz -- big stadiums, a snazzy Downtown, the out-of-control public library project. But in a city that isn't safe, such extras are meaningless. "I've been saying this for three years," said a frustrated Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi. "I've been begging those in charge of economic development and how our taxes are spent to put our money into public safety."

Instead, we've looked away from the broken window.
This puts us all at risk. Just ask those on Hamilton Avenue.


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