Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mayor and Sheriff Start Stand-Up Careers

The Mayor and Sheriff started today with a press conference saying they are going to get tough on crime. What a great idea. 7 years into their tenure as guardians of the city, they are finally getting tough on crime. But, instead of a solution that will help keep more people off the street, they are simply going to add more officers to the street. So, with more officers, they can arrest more people, send more people to jail that can be release early.

I will admit, I am not an expert in crime fighting, but if we are arresting more people for petty, simple curfew violations, won't that just add to the jail crowding problem? Wouldn't this idea work better if we had somewhere to put these criminals?

So, why Mayor, after a solution of using other counties, and State owned jail beds, do you come up with this idea? Why are you a day late on trying to protect the people of Indy?

It is time that the Mayor stops playing politics with our safety! It is time that the Mayor stops his partisan ways and starts doing what is right!


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Has the city council had a response or change of mind for now hearing Carl Brizzi's proposal for using other jails to alleviate the jail crowding problem? It's frustrating that the mayor and sheriff didn't address this side of it. I work on the east side - not a pretty place to be even during the day.


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