Monday, July 31, 2006

Melina Mess

They pulled another "Kennedy." In the running saga of mess ups and mistakes, the Kennedy folks incorrectly made their commercials. I know, it made seem petty, or little, but when you make as many little mistakes as they do, it leads one to think they can't do anything right.

The disclaimer on their commercials, or powerpoint slide shows depending on who you talk to, did not stay at the bottom of the page for the legally required amount of time.

Nothing like trying to break election law when you are running for an office like Prosecutor.

Oh, well, the nice part about all of it is, it made me watch the commercial twice. They had to fix it prior to it airing per television stations request.

Friday, July 28, 2006

No, You Do It!

Sheriff Frank Anderson is talking about hiring a bunch of new reserve officers. These reserve officers receive some training, are given a gun and a police car, and sent out to work as police officers. They are not paid, yet risk their lives. A very noble volunteer job and a nice addition to the force to help with things.

It sounds like the Sheriff wants to use these deputies, though, as a regular officer giving them a beat. That is fine on a temporary basis for folks going on vacation before school starts back up. I know some of these reserves and they are very good at what they do. Some probably deserve to be looked at for full time employment by the department.

My concern is, the Sheriff is going to hire these men and women to risk their lives, pounding the pavement throughout the county while Frank sits in his big office. The reserves will be bringing in $0 while Frank makes $180 an hour (Assuming he actually works 40 hour work weeks). Something doesn't seem right.

When you put out the numbers, I don't think anyone out there can justify Anderson's salary. Not even Frank.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Police Contract Voted Down

IPD is still without contract this morning after a city proposal was voted down last night in a close vote. So, it is back to the drawing board. The story is on WIBC and the Star.

One interesting tid bit from Vince Huber:

Huber is also accusing Mayor Peterson with violating a city ordinance that prohibits the city from negotiating with individual officers. The union leader says Peterson has attended IPD roll calls to promote the contract.

My thoughts are simply; The Mayor has rarely followed the rules when it comes to pushing something he wants. He is still currently violating the law with regards to usurping control over the Auditor's office and uses his governmental website to push his political campaign.

Why would Bart start following the rules now?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Everybody's Talking About It

The Star and Channel 13 (WTHR) ran stories about Ron "Party" Gibson as well. It sounds like Ron was out having a little too much fun and got abusive to a Sheriff's Deputy. I saw Ron on WTHR last night clearly stating that he was not drunk and did nothing wrong.

Some FIN Points to Ponder:

Big downtown celebration


Drinking over a 7 hour period

"Do you know who I am?"

Are these the types of things that suggest sobriety to anyone? He still claims he was on the VIP list which tells me if someone gave him trouble about it, he would get crazy. So, since he could not get into the bar to continue his drinking escapades, he got belligerent, and pushed a female peace officer. What a great example he sets for the citizens of Marion County. You keep up the good work!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

City Councilor Adding to Crime Problem

No, they did not vote against another measure that would help in protecting you from criminals. As Abdul reports on his show notes, Ron Gibson, one of your esteemed At-Large members of the City-County Council (CCC) got into a scuffle with a Sheriff's Deputy a few weekends ago.

Gibson apparently dropped the "Do you know who I am," and "I am your boss," speech. Not the kind of attention the Democrats on the CCC need right now.

After an embarassing display last Wednesday most of the Democratic leadership in Marion County have been heard to be arguing with themselves about the crime problem. No one seems to be happy with the slow reaction from the Mayor's Office and the seemingly disjointed message sent by the CCC's on the Public Safety Committee. Greg Bowes was quoted as saying, "Marion County does not need more jail beds," and "The Prosecutor should not file as many charges."

Others have been heard criticizing "Kennedy and her Merry Band" lacking the knowledge necessary to present new ideas that will resonate with the voters this fall.

Check out Abdul's notes to read more about Ron Gibson's Hangover.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Got it!

The Star ran a story today that really hits the point when you talk about the collateral damage of jail overcrowding in a large urban area. If criminals are bing let out here in Indy, odds are they will start breaking into nice suburban houses sooner or later.

Remember to thank your Democratic City County Councilors out there for allowing this to happen!

Here is the entire story.

The metro area's suburban police agencies are forming an alliance to combat crime they contend is growing in their jurisdictions as a result of problems in Marion County's beleaguered justice system.

"We are being pounded by spillover crime," said Greenwood Police Chief Joe Pitcher. "I think Indianapolis-Marion County has lost focus on public safety."

The latest arrest statistics, from June, appear to support the contention:

In Avon, 12 of 25 arrestees had an Indianapolis address. Eleven lived in Avon.

In Fishers, 22 of 63 arrestees were from Indianapolis; 25 were from Fishers.
In Greenwood, the split is nearly even. Of 198 arrestees, 86 were from Marion County and 85 from Greenwood.

No comprehensive statistics have been compiled to document the extent of the problem. But police agencies are starting to gather such data.
In Marion County, several categories of crimes are up, including homicides, burglaries, armed robberies and aggravated assaults.

Avon Police Chief Jeff Ritorto blamed the early release of prisoners at the Marion County Jail for contributing to a near tripling of forgery cases in his Hendricks County town of 8,200 residents.
Moreover, Ritorto said, the number of arrests for all crimes this year is up 86 percent.

"Most of our crime increase has been from Marion County's overcrowding situation," he said.
Greenwood's Pitcher agreed.

"These are people with absolutely longtime Indianapolis addresses. It (jail crowding) has to be part of it," he said. "I have anecdotal evidence of people we take to jail for shoplifting or driving with a suspended license. They say, 'Why are you taking me to (Johnson County) Jail? In Marion County, I'd just get a ticket.' "

Friday, July 21, 2006

Training Day

They did it again!!! They pulled another "Kennedy."

Kennedy proposed a training academy. The details are not clear as to whether it would be for the experienced prosecutors in the office, or for the inexperienced Kennedy.

That is a great idea! After calling and speaking last night to a deputy prosecutor I went to college with I have discovered that it has been going on in the office for the last few years. Regularly schedule training sessions during lunch has been occurring led by experienced, educated prosecutors. Additionally, there have been training sessions where groups of young prosecutors are placed with a few experienced prosecutors to work on some of the fundamentals.

So, to lay things out: Training already going on, Kennedy proposal retarded.

Additionally, I would like to suggest that the proposal, while seemingly uninteresting to many brings up a bigger issue. Kennedy ultimately has no idea what is currently going on in that office. Kennedy does not understand the first thing about what it takes to be a Prosecutor. The training would benefit her more than anyone else. (Just ask Melina a question about self-defense if you want to know her understanding of what it takes to be a prosecutor.) She has never tried a case! She has never been in a courtroom. There are interns in the Prosecutor's office right now who are more qualified and more in touch with what it takes to protect this city than Kennedy.

I love the fact that Kennedy has to embarass and attack the hard working, front line prosecutors every chance she gets suggesting that they are the reason for jail overcrowding. Thanks again for pulling another "Kennedy."

We have Money for This?

In the Star today, it talks about spending money on art for downtown. $250,000 to be exact. The person who runs the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission who is funding the art has a number in the City-County building which suggests that it is a city run group. So, the city will spend $250,000 on art for downtown, where people are being assaulted and beaten, but won't fund the money for jail beds.

Don't get me wrong, I think that art makes a city great, but, it is an end product of a city that has nothing else to worry about.

Right now, there are a lot of problems that we have to worry about such as crime and getting the street light in front of my house to work.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Here you see Monroe Gray at a local event. Advertising for Pepsi and eating some popcorn.






You can see he is eating "Brizzi Popcorn"

Just thought a few of you out there might enjoy it. A buddy of mine from college sent it to me and we had a good laugh.

Eat some Brizzi popcorn, refuse to put his proposal on the agenda!

Partisan With Public Safety

When will the members of the City-County Council get it? Do they even notice that we are in the middle of a crime epidemic? Last night was one of the ugliest nights I have ever witnessed for any governmental body. My thoughts below, and Abdul's thoughts on his site.

Some background: Crime is up and the size of the jail is continually being lowered because of a court order. The Sheriff and Mayor have yet to do anything to try and address the issue. Finally, the Sheriff organized 125 extra beds be used. The stick of that is, the beds at liberty hall were already being used to house inmates (male and female), they just changed the population over to all females. I really wonder if it added any space at all. Then, Prosecutor Brizzi and Councilman Borst propose using some beds in New Castle. Coucilman Gray refuses to even put it on the agenda saying "what good is having the juice if you don't use it." Finally, a month later, and 447 early releases, the city council takes up the proposal. After 5 hours of utter BS last night, the council and Monroe Gray through 4 Democratic puppets stalled the proposal, amended it to give it no meaning and passed it. The proposal as it was amended gives the Sheriff and Criminal justice planning council the power to look into more jail beds.

Didn't they already have that power and never use it? Couldn't the Sheriff have done something about this a long time ago and, instead, sit on his hands and do nothing?

Greg Bowes, the winner of the dumbest comment of the year accused Prosecutor Brizzi of filing too many charges. Bowes went on to say that we did not need any more jail beds. Brilliant!! Go back to your smoking ordinance and trying to pass an assessor's test.

Vernon Brown and Williams Oliver spent the entire evening asking rediculous questions showing the entire City they know nothing about protecting citizens or how the system works. I once heard in another meeting Oliver ask why prosecutors didn't read people their rights. Come on, are our representatives that stupid?

This was ultimately just an example of how removed the Democrats on the City-County Council are from the people. It shows that public safety is not a priority of the Sheriff, Mayor of majority on the City-County Council. The blood will be on their hands when the next early release commits a crime. Not all of the potential crimes can be seen, or prevented, however, additional beds would lower that risk. Too late now, that ship has sailed!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The King is Corrupt

I have a feeling that the Robert Turner story won't be going away anytime soon. It appears again that the Mayor, King Bart, (known for other roles including, how to bribe your sheriff, and I can't believe we couldn't discover a park employee stole $350,000) has been caught trying to keep something else quite.

Turner, the only qualified person in public safety working for the Mayor's office was quitely and carefully pushed out of his office because Turner cared about protecting the public. Turner did not agree with what the Mayor was doing and got fired for it. King Bart apparently does not do well when others disagree with him. Hey, news bulliten: Mayor Peterson, you have no idea what you are doing!!!

Also for note, King Bart never appears on camera when there is bad news about his administration. The Mayor always has Steve (I own a electric mower and look weird mowing with it) Campbell

A Moment With Tully

Tully has a good article today. The only problem is, why would anyone want Bart to head up something when he hasn't done anything in 7 years? This isn't a new problem. It has been mounting and getting worse for a couple of years. The city-county council's majority has no idea what they are doing. Their only goal right now is to keep any ideas and proposals brought up by the Republican caucus from seeing the light of day.

Here is Tully's article.

There are rumblings

UPDATE: Steven Talley has stepped down from his council seat effective as of 8am yesterday. As we find out more on the reasons, we will get back to you.

I am hearing that a Democrat has resigned from the city-county council. I will get back with more info as I track it down.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Strange But True

I just don't get it. Monroe Gray, the man who protects criminals from serving any time in jail has a letter posted on the City-Council website. Just doesn't seem right to me. I look forward to what excuse he comes up with this time around when he tries to stop the chance for us to keep a few more criminals off the street. Maybe he has such strong feelings about it because he is losing money at his gambling house!

Check it out: Monroe Gray's sob story.

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Over

A tough day for me today as I offically give up on the Cubs for the 2006 season. It was a difficult season to watch up until yesterday when it went off the deep end. The Cubs gave up 11 runs in an inning and lost to the Mets of all teams.

So, with that disgrace, I am officially looking ahead to Colts season and training camp which starts in about a week.

Wait til next year!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Strike 3 . . . Hundred

Government in Indianapolis seems to have let down their citizens once again. It turns out that the HUD assistance programs are really just paying the rent for criminals to live here.

Pretty sad when the Federal Government has to come in and let us know how bad of a job we are doing. Will the Mayor please stand up and start doing something to make our city safer?

Here is the story from Channel 6:

INDIANAPOLIS -- Federal officials are connecting numerous high-profile crimes in the Indianapolis area with recipients of free housing.

Call 6's Rafael Sanchez first broke the story on Wednesday night about dozens of Hoosiers being arrested for housing fraud after alleged involvement with other crimes.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson is in Indianapolis for Black Expo and is expected to address the crackdown on Thursday.

Officials said a large number of violent crimes over the past two years are traced to people that taxpayers pay the rent for each month.

The federal housing voucher program in Indianapolis is intended for people in need, but in several cases, officials said that people claimed poverty to get the help, then allowed others to live in their homes while allegedly committing crimes.

Sources told 6News that the two people charged in the deaths of seven people last month, Desmond Turner and James Stewart, should not have been living in subsidized housing because of previous criminal records.

Others connected to Turner and Stewart face charges for allowing them to live in the homes.
Others being charged in a citywide fraud sweep include a landlord who officials said has been collecting tax dollars for a person who was dead for seven months. The landlord has not returned the money, Sanchez reported.

Call 6 has also learned that police connected the shooting of IPD officer Michael Antonelli last November to people receiving federal housing assistance.

Two postal workers who claimed poverty are also being kicked off government handout rolls. Officials said the postal workers had several hundred thousand dollars stashed in hidden bank accounts.

Officials said the fraud they have uncovered is worth more than $1 million dollars.
Watch 6News beginning First At 5:00 for updates.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Way to Go!

Another early release appears to have resulted in ruining a few more lives. I hold Monroe Gray and all of his Democratic buddies responsible for anything bad that may have resulted from this.

I wonder if the Sheriff is looking for plane tickets to leave the country. Lord knows he can afford it.

If only there was a way that we could find more jail beds to make sure no evil person was let back out onto the street. (Sarcasm)

It is about time that people in this city start letting their elected officials know that we are "Mad as Hell and we aren't going to take it anymore!"

Can you say "Cover Up"

More fun with the richest sheriff in town.

Star articles:

Board member kicked off

Tully's Article


All of this and crime is still running rampant!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You're Fired!

UPDATE: Check out the comments from the Indy Star.

In the Star today, we look at how the Sheriff Frank Anderson makes more money than anyone else in the State. The fleecing of Indy as I like to call it.

How do you think the fixed income elderly person feels who lives over on the east side. Crime is running rampant, they can't afford to move to a safe neighborhood, and their Sheriff (during the worst crime increase in the city's history) gets a raise worth more than they make in two years.

Let's say you worked at the zoo as the zookeeper. What if you couldn't keep any of your animals in the cages because you didn't have room, and you didn't do anything to decrease the number of animals roaming the streets? Would you deserve a raise? Should you be paid more than anyone else in the zoo world?

Frank Anderson should refuse the raise. Frank Anderson should give the money back and work to place his salary in line with the rest of the cities in the midwest. The city is in dire need of money to fix the ridiculous crime problem. The money should not be spent on a person that has done nothing but get rich off of his job!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Burning Sensation

Aren't we trying to figure out how to pay for jail overcrowding issues?
Aren't we trying to figure out if we can put more officers on the street?

Then why are we offering to give $14 to $20 million dollars to the track when they never even asked for it. Tony George and the track pride themselves on never needing government assistance for anything. Blabbering Bart just jumps the gun and starts throwing money around like it is burning a hole in his pocket.

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson is interested in doing his part to bring Formula One back to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for years to come.

Peterson, who attended Sunday's U.S. Grand Prix, said the international motor sports event is too valuable to the city not to assist the Speedway in its pursuit of a new contract.

Options from the original contract in 2000 expired after Sunday's race, won by Ferrari's Michael Schumacher.

"They've never asked (for help)," Peterson said of Speedway officials. "If we were asked, we'd be open to getting involved."

Studies have estimated the local economic impact of the USGP at more than $100 million per year. The race has been held annually since 2000.

Peterson said he understands as many as two-thirds of the fans who attend the race are from other countries. Information about Sunday's event is not yet known.

"If that's true, that's a huge impact," Peterson said. "That's 'new' money, which is very important to the city."

Tony George, the Speedway's chief executive officer, plans to travel to London in the coming weeks to discuss a new contract with F-1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. Industry estimates put Ecclestone's asking price to be somewhere between $14 million and $20 million per year.

While admitting surprise at Peterson's offer, George said he is not currently considering asking the city to contribute to his family-owned business. George's grandfather, Tony Hulman, built the company on the foundation it would avoid using public funds.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Word on the Street

I have been hearing some rumblings that Julia Carson is very unhappy with Marion County Democratic Chair Ed Treacy about his selection of Steve Eicholtz for the vacancy on the November ballot for Democrats created by house bill 1156.

Julia wanted Louis Rosenberg to have the position. Rosenberg is currently the Magistrate in Criminal Court 99.

An unhappy Carson doesn't go well with an unorganized county party. Without her GOTV efforts Democrats in Marion County could be in a pickle.

Is it Right?

I got a call from one of my good friends the other day, a nice Democratic fellow I went to college with. We talked about all kinds of things since I haven't seen him in a month or so. One way or another our conversation rolled onto the topic of the Mayor's wife since the story ran over the weekend. He mentioned how he had sent flowers and a card to her, wishing her well after her nasty accident. He then mentioned how he got a thank you letter from her.

What interests me about it all is that he received a thank you from the Mayor's wife on City letterhead, paid for on the City's mail account.

For all of you out there that think I am saying something bad about the Mayor's wife, note I am not. I think that it is very nice she thanked everyone who sent her get well wishes.

My problem is that the Mayor and his staff are so arrogant that they would send thank yous out on the City's dime.

I pay my taxes for things the government should do; roads, schools and protection. Now, I realize that they are using my money that should be going to protect me and my family and using it for mailings.

Prosecute This!

Tully takes another look at the Marion County Prosecutor's Race:

Carl Brizzi arrived first, walking into the room with a mug of coffee and a look that said, "This should be interesting."

Melina Kennedy arrived a few minutes later, reaching out to shake hands with the man she's trying to get fired as Marion County prosecutor.

Brizzi, a Republican, and Kennedy, his Democratic challenger, had found their way on a recent morning to the South Bend Chocolate Co. Downtown. In a room just steps from the coffee counter, the two were there to talk jail crowding.

Unlike most debates, the rules to this one were simple: Two candidates in a room. No aides -- just the candidates and me.

Kennedy started, questioning whether Brizzi has successfully moved inmates to state prisons.
"How effective have we been at prosecutions?" she asked. "Are the repeat offenders out on the street committing more crimes?"

Brizzi returned serve, pointing to his plan to house 250 jail inmates in a New Castle state prison this summer, hoping to stem the problem of early releases from county lockups.

"Additional jail beds," he said, "are what you can do right now to send a message to the bad guys. Who cares where it is?"

The opening statements set the tone. Over 45 minutes, Kennedy blamed Brizzi, at least partly, for jail crowding, while Brizzi pointed to an alarming increase in crime and the need for more jail space.

The two agreed on several issues -- more money is needed to speed up trials, for instance. Despite that agreement and the generally friendly tone, Kennedy jabbed repeatedly at Brizzi.

"It's very important that we all work together on this issue, that no one individual circumvent (the process)," Kennedy said, echoing Democratic criticism that Brizzi is trying to score quick political points with his New Castle idea.

"When you've gone to as many funerals as I have, and you've talked to as many victims as I have, at some point you just say enough is enough," Brizzi said, defending his plan.
The two delved into the weeds at times. Kennedy questioned the use of continuances, which delay cases. Brizzi reminded her that prosecutors must wait for DNA and ballistics tests, and, often, witnesses.

Kennedy painted Brizzi as a slow-moving prosecutor whose office has been hit by high turnover. She talked of the "environment" in his office and said "a rash of" turnovers not only slows cases but is a result of "management."

Brizzi argued that turnover slowed dramatically after wages for starter-level deputy prosecutors were increased. He also made sure to stress that Kennedy has no prosecutorial experience.

The two could have continued trading gentle shots all morning. But I wrapped things up by asking whether Marion County would ever see an end to its jail crowding problem.

"If we can figure out a way to put a retractable roof on a dome, we can figure out a way to solve jail crowding," Brizzi said.

"We can't do anything but continue to work on this problem," Kennedy added.
On that question, both candidates were right.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Escaped My Mind

In criminal justice news, Melina pulled another Kennedy this week when she tried to act tough on community corrections folks by stating she would file escape charges on all of them instead of simply violating their sentence and sending them off to DOC. That makes so much sense on two ends. First, it keeps those people that should be sent straight to DOC in the Marion County jail for a few more months where there is plenty of room. Second, in the specific instance where escape should have been filed . . . IT WAS!!!!!

She messes up more than a bunch of people wearing clown shoes walking though a mine field.

For a change, will she get her facts straight before she starts trying to talk to the media.

From Channel 6:

The court cut Iraeta's bond in half about two weeks ago and placed him on global positioning system home monitoring. Officials said Iraeta cut off his monitor and escaped within two days.

The day after Iraeta went missing, Brizzi charged him with escape.