Tuesday, July 25, 2006

City Councilor Adding to Crime Problem

No, they did not vote against another measure that would help in protecting you from criminals. As Abdul reports on his show notes, Ron Gibson, one of your esteemed At-Large members of the City-County Council (CCC) got into a scuffle with a Sheriff's Deputy a few weekends ago.

Gibson apparently dropped the "Do you know who I am," and "I am your boss," speech. Not the kind of attention the Democrats on the CCC need right now.

After an embarassing display last Wednesday most of the Democratic leadership in Marion County have been heard to be arguing with themselves about the crime problem. No one seems to be happy with the slow reaction from the Mayor's Office and the seemingly disjointed message sent by the CCC's on the Public Safety Committee. Greg Bowes was quoted as saying, "Marion County does not need more jail beds," and "The Prosecutor should not file as many charges."

Others have been heard criticizing "Kennedy and her Merry Band" lacking the knowledge necessary to present new ideas that will resonate with the voters this fall.

Check out Abdul's notes to read more about Ron Gibson's Hangover.


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

Drunk councilmen are the funniest thing ever. At least they might be entertaining instead of embarrassing for the city.


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