Saturday, July 01, 2006

Escaped My Mind

In criminal justice news, Melina pulled another Kennedy this week when she tried to act tough on community corrections folks by stating she would file escape charges on all of them instead of simply violating their sentence and sending them off to DOC. That makes so much sense on two ends. First, it keeps those people that should be sent straight to DOC in the Marion County jail for a few more months where there is plenty of room. Second, in the specific instance where escape should have been filed . . . IT WAS!!!!!

She messes up more than a bunch of people wearing clown shoes walking though a mine field.

For a change, will she get her facts straight before she starts trying to talk to the media.

From Channel 6:

The court cut Iraeta's bond in half about two weeks ago and placed him on global positioning system home monitoring. Officials said Iraeta cut off his monitor and escaped within two days.

The day after Iraeta went missing, Brizzi charged him with escape.


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Jake said...

Wow, they should just not let her talk. Every time she opens her mouth she proves that she really has no clue how the Prosecutor's office works.

I mean, she can't even tell if charges have been filed or not! Now that is who I want to be my Prosecutor.


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