Friday, July 28, 2006

No, You Do It!

Sheriff Frank Anderson is talking about hiring a bunch of new reserve officers. These reserve officers receive some training, are given a gun and a police car, and sent out to work as police officers. They are not paid, yet risk their lives. A very noble volunteer job and a nice addition to the force to help with things.

It sounds like the Sheriff wants to use these deputies, though, as a regular officer giving them a beat. That is fine on a temporary basis for folks going on vacation before school starts back up. I know some of these reserves and they are very good at what they do. Some probably deserve to be looked at for full time employment by the department.

My concern is, the Sheriff is going to hire these men and women to risk their lives, pounding the pavement throughout the county while Frank sits in his big office. The reserves will be bringing in $0 while Frank makes $180 an hour (Assuming he actually works 40 hour work weeks). Something doesn't seem right.

When you put out the numbers, I don't think anyone out there can justify Anderson's salary. Not even Frank.


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