Thursday, July 20, 2006

Partisan With Public Safety

When will the members of the City-County Council get it? Do they even notice that we are in the middle of a crime epidemic? Last night was one of the ugliest nights I have ever witnessed for any governmental body. My thoughts below, and Abdul's thoughts on his site.

Some background: Crime is up and the size of the jail is continually being lowered because of a court order. The Sheriff and Mayor have yet to do anything to try and address the issue. Finally, the Sheriff organized 125 extra beds be used. The stick of that is, the beds at liberty hall were already being used to house inmates (male and female), they just changed the population over to all females. I really wonder if it added any space at all. Then, Prosecutor Brizzi and Councilman Borst propose using some beds in New Castle. Coucilman Gray refuses to even put it on the agenda saying "what good is having the juice if you don't use it." Finally, a month later, and 447 early releases, the city council takes up the proposal. After 5 hours of utter BS last night, the council and Monroe Gray through 4 Democratic puppets stalled the proposal, amended it to give it no meaning and passed it. The proposal as it was amended gives the Sheriff and Criminal justice planning council the power to look into more jail beds.

Didn't they already have that power and never use it? Couldn't the Sheriff have done something about this a long time ago and, instead, sit on his hands and do nothing?

Greg Bowes, the winner of the dumbest comment of the year accused Prosecutor Brizzi of filing too many charges. Bowes went on to say that we did not need any more jail beds. Brilliant!! Go back to your smoking ordinance and trying to pass an assessor's test.

Vernon Brown and Williams Oliver spent the entire evening asking rediculous questions showing the entire City they know nothing about protecting citizens or how the system works. I once heard in another meeting Oliver ask why prosecutors didn't read people their rights. Come on, are our representatives that stupid?

This was ultimately just an example of how removed the Democrats on the City-County Council are from the people. It shows that public safety is not a priority of the Sheriff, Mayor of majority on the City-County Council. The blood will be on their hands when the next early release commits a crime. Not all of the potential crimes can be seen, or prevented, however, additional beds would lower that risk. Too late now, that ship has sailed!


At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

I heard a rumor that Greg Bowes was on the short list to run for prosecutor. That would explain why he thinks he has to attack Brizzi. It is embarassing that he is an attorney in town.

At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Tom said...

Sounds like the Dems want the Republicans to move to a safer county!

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

Now the former deputy mayor is proposing the same thing as Carl and the criminal justice planning council. I bet that passes without a problem.

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

greg Bowes needs to ride ethe short bus with some of the comments he made last night.

One has to wonder about the mental health of the people that vote for him

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

Now Monroe Gray endorses taking out a loan for jail beds! What are they doing???

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous MG said...

Dear Citizens of Marion County,

As you may have seen on the news, heard on the radio or read in the paper, crime is on the rise here in Marion County. As public servants, we have a duty to address the issue in a manner that is effective. I have to say I have failed you in this and for that, I apologize.

I apologize for first blocking prosecutor Carl Brizzi’s jail proposal by not giving it a fair hearing when it was first proposed last month. At first I said there was no funding for it, until someone showed me the first page. I later said it didn’t go through proper channels before it was introduced, but later admitted that wasn’t necessary for introduction. Thirdly, I finally admitted that it was all about me having the “juice.” Little did I know that my juice was being squeezed into the eyes of the taxpayers.

It’s not that I thought Carl Brizzi’s proposal was a bad idea. If you read the paper this morning, both the Sheriff and his opponent, the Deputy Mayor have both endorsed your plans for more beds at the Community Correctional Facility. But I let my juice get in the way.

I manipulated the political agenda at Wednesday’s public safety committee meeting. I made Brizzi go at the end, had my fellow Democrats grill him like a sandwich and then pulled the rug from underneath him by replacing his proposal with one of my own, which I must admit now did not propose one bed.

I will admit to drinking too much of my own “juice”, sharing it with my fellow Democrats and apparently becoming drunk with power. For that apologize.

I truly hope you will find it in your hearts to forgive me. Juice is all I have these days and I would hate to lose it. But what is juice compared to another child molester going free, another murderer being let go or another home invasion being committed?

We as citizens have a duty to make Marion County a better place. And because my juice has made life so miserable for so many people, I’ve decided do what is necessary to make the County a better place to live. I am moving to Florida. I here there is a lot of juice there.


Monroe Gray
City-Council President

P.S. Do they go grow peas in Florida?

At 4:11 PM, Anonymous VBDO said...

Dear Citizens of Marion County,

As you may have seen on the news, heard on the radio or read in the paper, crime is on the rise here in Marion County. As public servants, we have a duty to address the issue in a manner that is effective. I have to say we have failed you in this and for that, we apologize.

We apologize for sipping a little of President Gray’s juice just before the meeting Wendnesday night. We freely admit to knowing little about law enforcement and crime outside of watching COPS marathon on Spike TV. As politicians it is very difficult to sit there with a microphone in front of you and not feel the need to say something, anything. We were frustrated that Carl Brizzi was talking well over our heads and for that we ask for your forgiveness.

For instance we had no idea that the Prosecutor doesn’t need to read the accused his rights before the trial – go figure!

We were also somewhat ashamed of our “no comment” response to the question “Did we play politics with public safety” We now realized that perhaps that should have been our strategy throughout the entire meeting instead of the end.

Marion County please give us a little time, we promised to lay off the G-juice and leave law enforcement issues to the experts. ln the meantime, lock your doors it is going to be a long hot summer.


Vern Brown and Duke Oliver
Democratic Dynamic Duo

PS. Can anyone TIVO Madlock for us tonight?


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