Friday, July 21, 2006

Training Day

They did it again!!! They pulled another "Kennedy."

Kennedy proposed a training academy. The details are not clear as to whether it would be for the experienced prosecutors in the office, or for the inexperienced Kennedy.

That is a great idea! After calling and speaking last night to a deputy prosecutor I went to college with I have discovered that it has been going on in the office for the last few years. Regularly schedule training sessions during lunch has been occurring led by experienced, educated prosecutors. Additionally, there have been training sessions where groups of young prosecutors are placed with a few experienced prosecutors to work on some of the fundamentals.

So, to lay things out: Training already going on, Kennedy proposal retarded.

Additionally, I would like to suggest that the proposal, while seemingly uninteresting to many brings up a bigger issue. Kennedy ultimately has no idea what is currently going on in that office. Kennedy does not understand the first thing about what it takes to be a Prosecutor. The training would benefit her more than anyone else. (Just ask Melina a question about self-defense if you want to know her understanding of what it takes to be a prosecutor.) She has never tried a case! She has never been in a courtroom. There are interns in the Prosecutor's office right now who are more qualified and more in touch with what it takes to protect this city than Kennedy.

I love the fact that Kennedy has to embarass and attack the hard working, front line prosecutors every chance she gets suggesting that they are the reason for jail overcrowding. Thanks again for pulling another "Kennedy."


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

Wow! It just gets better and better!

At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Steve-o said...

I heard about that snafu out in Warren. How in the world is she supposed to be a prosecutor if she doesn't even know when self-defense comes into play?

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work at the Prosecutor's office, and we get plenty of training.

I don't want a boss who I have to teach!

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous BP said...

Dear Citizens of Marion County,

As you may have seen on the news, heard on the radio or read in the paper, crime is on the rise here in Marion County. As public servants, we have a duty to address the issue in a manner that is effective. I have to say I have failed you in this and for that, I apologize.

I apologize for my fixation on consolidation instead of crime. I have now realized the error of my ways. I have lost more than I have gained with this idea. With crime going up revenues going down, the savings I had promised you failing to materialize and our bills coming due, and honestly I never saw it coming.

Many of you may have read Matt Tully’s article where he caught me thinking aloud with the questions “Where’s the accountability? Who’s the boss?”

Honestly I’m still pondering what role I should play. I didn’t know that being the CEO of Marion County would be so difficult, it sounded so good at the time. And let’s face it I’m not the one with the “Juice”, President Gray is.

I will admit to being somewhat distracted for the last year or so and have let this crime thing get out of control. For that apologize. It’s just that I’ve had a breakup with a good friend and miss him dearly. His name is Bob Turner.

There are times on the way home I softly and quietly sing our favorite song “Ebony and Ivory”. Lord knows I miss his intelligence, his smile, his calm demeanor and most important of all his ability to make sense of it all. He was a very knowledgeable man and I’m truly loss without him. I now realize that sometimes hearing “No” from a dear friend is just another Way of saying “I love you man!”.

Marion County please give me just a little time, this thing called leadership was not addressed in any of my Peterson Plans and so I’ve set up a sub-committee to do a little research on the subject. ln the meantime lock your doors it is going to be a long hot summer.


Bart Peterson
Mayor of Indianapolis

P.S. If you see Bob around can you ask him give me a call? He knows the number.


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