Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You're Fired!

UPDATE: Check out the comments from the Indy Star.

In the Star today, we look at how the Sheriff Frank Anderson makes more money than anyone else in the State. The fleecing of Indy as I like to call it.

How do you think the fixed income elderly person feels who lives over on the east side. Crime is running rampant, they can't afford to move to a safe neighborhood, and their Sheriff (during the worst crime increase in the city's history) gets a raise worth more than they make in two years.

Let's say you worked at the zoo as the zookeeper. What if you couldn't keep any of your animals in the cages because you didn't have room, and you didn't do anything to decrease the number of animals roaming the streets? Would you deserve a raise? Should you be paid more than anyone else in the zoo world?

Frank Anderson should refuse the raise. Frank Anderson should give the money back and work to place his salary in line with the rest of the cities in the midwest. The city is in dire need of money to fix the ridiculous crime problem. The money should not be spent on a person that has done nothing but get rich off of his job!


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Jake said...

I'm thinking I should switch careers. He gets a raise that is more than I make!

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Where have all the Democrats gone? said...

What, no Democrats out there to defend the Sheriff and say that Brody is unfairly targeting him?

No one saying Anderson deserves that 50,000 pay increase and should make eight times the amount of the average citizen in Marion County?

I've noticed that the liberal blogs haven't even covered the story yet either. Shocker.

When it comes to answering the tough questions, the Democrats are unsuprisingly silent.


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