Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Building Blocks for Crime

I am not an expert on the causes of crime, or the reasons behind behavior. However, on WIBC today it is reported that the IPS budget will be cut again.

There is fault on the government when crime levels increase. There are many things that can be done to protect against a rise. Things such as work programs, education and constantly increasing economic development. If these things are done, most of the time criminals will cease to run the streets.

But, if efforts are unfunded, or under-funded, crimes are committed. If you don't give police efforts the full financial and public support you will have problems. If you don't educate your children, they will grow up without the skills they need to be successful. If you don't work to keep business here and create new jobs, people will find a way to pay for things.

I believe what we have seen from the Mayor is a message of apathy. He has done nothing to fund public safety. He has done little to properly fund education in the city and he hasn't done a thing to promote business or jobs.

Crime does not just pop up. It is created by a lack of leadership and initiative. New York City was stuck in the middle of a crime epidemic in the early 90's. Look up the numbers, they will scare you.

Who led them out of that terrible problem? Their Mayor. He cut the murder rate by 76%.

The Mayor knows what the cause of increased crime is, he just doesn't like the answer.


At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Jake said...

You mean to tell me after all the political posturing by Peterson on that show about finding ways to solve the crime wave and how education and opportunity are long term solutions, they are cutting the school budgets?

At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IPS is losing money because it is losing students. On a per pupil basis, IPS funding is continuing to go up. And by last year, that figure in IPS was nearly $13,600 per student, one of the highest per student expenditure levels in the entire state.

You are correct, in my opinion, to highlight education as a key component to our city's problems. But contrary to popular opinion, the problems in education are not due to a lack of funds. They are due instead to the inability of our education leaders to spend existing funds effectively. And with that type of problem, we could actually double funding for education and it still would not make a difference.

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For whatever reason, I guess you don't want the truth on education spending since, three hours later, you still have not released the comment.

Why is that?

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Sir Hailstone said...

Yes jake!! Exactly! Oh but that's a separate budget set by a seperately elected entity you know. They keep cutting the budget because people are moving out to the townships or just out of Marion County - because the schools are underfunded and in the perception of some ... "suck".

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on now! You can fault Mayor Peterson for many things, but he has NO CONTROL over any school's budget. If IPS is cutting their budget it isn't his fault. At best the mayor has a bully pulpit and that's it.

IPS is in the worst bind. 25% of the land is untaxable, and the rest is poor so little revenue is generated.

As an educator I never got a good answer to the question: if students leave our district whey shouldn't our budgets be cut? If we're teaching fewer kids then we shouldn't need as much money.


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