Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Take A Bite out of Bart

Now, the Mayor has admitted that he can't even run a dog fighting program. The City is re-launching a program called Canine Crimestoppers."

No, I am not joking, that is really what it is called. Bart apparently could not get it right the first time and the program fell apart.

But, for some reason now, the Mayor thinks that the program will work and is willing to spend $10,000 on it to advertise.

Couldn't that money be used for something a little more productive to help public safety? The story is below:

City officials hope an ad campaign will curb dog fighting by prodding the public to call in tips about suspicious activity.

Mayor Bart Peterson joined enforcement officers from the city's Animal Care and Control Division in a press conference today to re-launch a program called Canine Crimestoppers. The officers credited the awareness initiative with boosting the number of investigations from six to 51 after it began in 2004.

Media Wilson, a spokeswoman for Animal Control, said the program petered out last year. The agency will spend $10,000 to for posters, bumper stickers, flyers and media ads that encourage the public to call the tip line, she said.The timing of the re-launch coincides with other city efforts to crack down on crime this summer, Peterson said. It was not prompted by several high-profile dog attacks or efforts to place limitations on pit bulls."One of the real scourges of our community is dog fighting," Peterson said. "Violent people are involved in dog fighting, people you don't want in your neighborhood."


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Sir Hailstone said...

OK I'll agree that dogfighting and cockfighting are terrible excuses for sports. Does Bart really think that he's going to use the arrest of dogfight and cockfight rings to get to the drug dealers and other illicit activities in this city? Okayyy ... but to spend $10K to do so? I think doing traffic stops for "roll-and-go" and other minor infractions would be a whole lot more effective - and cheaper. At least they were in NYC under Mayor Rudy. Definitely a "feelgood" tactic for the masses suitable for an election year.


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