Thursday, August 17, 2006

Their Mouth is Writing Checks Their Body Can't Cash

It looks like the City-County Council is doing everything in their power to limit the budgets of public safety. Even after the Mayor made statements that the City will find a way for the funding, the Council is less optimistic.

WIBC reports that:

A City County Council committee is facing a nearly impossible task as it searches for some way to find millions of dollars for the county's criminal justice system. Committee members held a marathon hearing Wednesday night and listened to agency directors plead for more funding. "While I may understand any reluctance you might have to address an increase in our budget at this time, the needs of our court require your attention," Circuit Court administrator Theodore Sosin told the committee. But committee chair Mary Moriarty-Adams told him finding the money will be difficult. "Funds are very limited in this city, but we have an issue with criminal justice that must be funded," she said. "So we have to find revenues where we can." Police and court officials say the money is necessary to combat the violent crime increase that's hit the city. "We all have recently seen the cost of not addressing that," said Judge Cale Bradford, presiding judge of the Marion County Superior courts. Moriarty-Adams says right now, the council is looking at a three-prong approach for finding the money, which includes cutting other budgets, borrowing some funds, and using the county's dwindling fund balances to make up the rest.


At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Old Grouch said...

And now the judges have suddenly decided that they want an extra $7 million for raising staff salaries, cameras at the juvenile center, and renting space. Don't these guys realize we're in a cash crunch?

Well, at least we can vote some of them out... oh, wait!


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