Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Century Club

We hit 100 homicides and it is only September 5th! Just 9 murders away from last years mark and 59 murders away from the record. What a great place it is to live here. Thanks Bart, for making our city a giant game of Russian roulette.

In lighter news, there will not be anyone available to do the autopsies on all the dead bodies. In what must be a determined path for Democrats, the County coroner has decided to fire all of the pathologists in the County who perform autopsies to bog down the criminal justice system even more. Of course the coroner, himself, is not able to do autopsies because he is just a Chiropractor, not a real doctor.

They cease to amaze me with their ridiculous, and irresponsible decisions. What is the current solutions to not having anyone available to conduct an autopsy. People died over the weekend. Murders happened over the weekend. Are their bodies just sitting around because the Chiroprator/Coroner does not like the contract that, he himself, worked out?


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Sir Hailstone said...

It's a crime how a city in the top 15 of largest cities in the United States, can have such a situation. Then again who set us up for this situation? The voters, via the Peterson/Carson Democratic Machine. Voters need to educate themselves on the true issues and not listen to what the McPaper (the Star) spoon feeds them.


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