Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coroner's Corner

Finally, someone is looking into the worst run office in the County. In the Indy Star:

Prosecutors search coroner's offices

Investigators with the Marion County prosecutor's office served a search warrant at the office of the county coroner this morning.

About a half-dozen men and women, including Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, went into the office.
Brizzi said they were reviewing seven death investigations by the Marion County coroner.

Grand jury investigators served the search warrants because “there have been some questions about the integrity of record-keeping in the office.”

He did not elaborate.Coroner Kenneth Ackles was not at the morgue, 521 W. McCarty Street, during the sweep.The prosecutor's office has had an ongoing investigation into the coroner's office over allegations of mismanagement.

In a report written in February, a police detective said he found a lack of computer security that allowed nearly three-dozen employees to alter property receipts without detection. That lapse has raised concerns that evidence could be corrupted.

The memo, dated Feb. 9, also reported that several thousand dollars worth of county equipment was missing and concluded that the coroner's office, "at least on the administrative level, is incompetent and careless."


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