Monday, September 18, 2006

Results Matter?

Just got a release from the Marion County Republican Party. Looks like someone has been trying to hide a bad job performance. The release is below:

Results Matter?
Melina Kennedy’s Role in Economic Development Results in Negative Job Growth for Indianapolis Residents

Indianapolis – Last week, Democrat candidate for Marion County Prosecutor Melina Kennedy said “Just like in any business, government is the same. You have got to have performance be part of what we look at.”[1] A review of Kennedy’s performance as Director of Economic Development for the City of Indianapolis from June 2001-September 2004 and Deputy Mayor of Economic Development from September 2004-September 2005 reveals significantly poor results.

According to data released by CNN[2], when Melina Kennedy was in charge of economic development for the city, Indianapolis suffered from -1.37% job growth from 2000-2005.

“Kennedy continues to say that “results matter” but she was unable to produce positive results in her last job. When Kennedy was responsible for economic development, cities neighboring Indianapolis prospered while Indianapolis failed to produce positive job results,” said Marion County Republican Party, Executive Director Mike Biberstine. “Her sole responsibility was to provide a positive economic climate so that Marion County residents could earn a decent living to provide for their families, but Kennedy failed to produce results.”

Two cities surrounding Indianapolis saw job growth top 30% from 2000-2005. Fishers was ranked 15th in the nation in fastest job growth while Carmel was ranked 24th in the nation.

“We’re seeing phenomenal job growth in cities just one county north of Indianapolis, yet when Melina Kennedy was responsible, Marion County experienced less job growth than our neighbors and less growth than Gary, Indiana” said Biberstine.

“The economy is a major factor in crime rates. We should not reward Melina Kennedy for results like this. We cannot afford to elect a Prosecutor who has zero experience prosecuting criminals and has negative results in her last job,” said Biberstine.

Melina Kennedy has never filed a charge, never tried a case, and never put a criminal behind bars.



At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two recent reports are further indications that the city’s economic strategy is working and has positioned the city as the preeminent job growth leader in the Midwest:

- The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago released a report in June stating that the Indianapolis metropolitan area outperformed other cities and was the only large city tracked by the study to experience job growth between 2000 – 2005.

- The Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. announced in July that Indianapolis has had the highest rate of job growth of 25 major metropolitan areas in the Midwest over the last decade.

(Taken from Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick)

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Sir Hailstone said...

"But, but the Prosecutor's job is just management for the deputy prosecutors"

Obviously we can see what kind of "management" she does.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Brody said...

Interesting comment 2:46. Both studies indicate that they are for the greater Indy area. That doesn't count. Melina did not bring jobs to Carmel or Fishers.

That was the work of others.

At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you think Fishers would exist without Indianapolis, you're smoking the same stuff Hailstone does.

If you want to attack Kennedy, great, pound away on experience. This mixes the message AND isn't effective.

Saying economic development in Indianapolis hasn't been good is like saying crime is just ain't true.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Mesothelioma said...

Brizzi has done a great job. Besides look what Democrat Bart Peterson has done in the Mayor's Office. I still do not believe that he gave Irsay all of that money and access to that money to keep the Colts here. That one will hurt for a long time to come.


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