Monday, October 30, 2006

A Candidate Calls Tully to Task

From yesterday's Indy Star, Clerk candidate Donna Edgar takes issue with Tully and his article from a few weeks ago. It is nice to see a candidate fight back.

Crime and the Clerk

I am writing in response to Matthew Tully's Oct. 13 column ("Candidate has odd take on duties the job entails'') in which he takes issue with my campaign's focus on public safety and declares, "Edgar doesn't know what job she's seeking." I want to assure Tully that I am very clear on the office I seek and the role it plays to keep our citizens safe.

This year we have seen more murders than in all of 2005. This is a clear symptom of the problems we face including everything from overworked and underappreciated police to jail overcrowding. Faced with this crisis, I believe that every elected official and candidate should be focused on finding ways to make the citizens of Marion County safer.

The County Clerk's office has a clear role to play in this pursuit. For example, let's look at the early release of prisoners from our jails. It is undisputed that the length of time that an inmate stays in custody awaits trial is a major cause of overcrowding and ultimately the early release of dangerous criminals onto our streets.

It might surprise Tully to learn that judges cannot conduct hearings without the necessary file from the clerk's office. The sheriff cannot move an inmate unless the clerk has transmitted an order from the judge with instructions for the inmate's incarceration. Even the prosecutor cannot file the most serious habitual offender charges without the evidence of prior convictions from the clerk. If these tasks are not handled quickly and efficiently, our jail population will quickly grow to the point where criminals are released into our neighborhoods.

If you still have questions about the role of the clerk in public safety, then talk to the men and women who know the most about public safety. The Fraternal Order of Police has chosen to endorse me for Marion County clerk, emphasizing in a letter to me that "We hope that you are elected so that the problems facing our public safety and criminal justice systems will receive the proper attention they deserve." I pledge to do just that. Our citizens and the brave officers who put their lives on the line every day deserve nothing less.

With all due respect to Tully, I believe that the question voters will ask is why my opponent is not addressing public safety when we are facing a crisis of crime.

Too often, public officials focus on public safety only in times of crises. However, I promise you, that I will make public safety a top priority every day.

Donna Edgar
Candidate, Marion County clerk

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hits Just keep On Coming

The Kennedy Camp went on to make maybe their biggest mistake so far in the election. Yesterday, Kennedy announced her pick to lead the gang unit if elected. Mark King was her man.

King a former Deputy Prosecutor under Brizzi worked in the gang unit. The same gang unit prosecution that Kennedy has criticized.

The best thing about the press conference was Kennedy constant use of the phrase, "former FBI agent." Well it turns out, King was never an agent, and in fact, never able to finish the training academy.


Kennedy later put out a correction on the issue. But, it once again goes to show that she either:

1. Does not do the background work necessary to get her facts straight; or
2. Is intentionally misleading the public

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Joke That is Ron Gibson

Today, Democratic City County Council member Ron Gibson was supposed to have his initial hearing on charges that he shoved a Sheriff's Deputy in a drunken spat.

Turns out Gibson's "Criminal" attorney filed a motion to dismiss. Pretty sure that is just a method of prolonging the case until after the election. So the case is set for a hearing on that motion for December 14th.

I assume Gibson will be looking for some favors to take care of the case once the election is out of the way.

He probably has some delusion that Kennedy will win and she will drop the case.


A similar delusion that Anderson will be re-elected and Anderson will give a sweet job to the Deputy if she drops the charges.

Neither theory seems to far fetched for a man and a party that thinks they are above the law.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

13 Days

We are under 2 weeks until the 2006 General Election. Not a whole bunch of time, yet there are still a lot of things to come.

What I am looking for today are predictions on the elections both locally and Nationally. We can then re-visit these predictions after the election and see how we did.

Bring them on.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Brizzi continues to rack up the support. Today's Indy Star endorses Brizzi for another 4 years. You can read it here, or below

Bring back Brizzi as prosecutor
Our position: Incumbent has the record and experience needed to serve second term as Marion County prosecutor.

Two good candidates are competing in the race for Marion County prosecutor.

Democratic challenger Melina Kennedy, a former deputy mayor, is a sharp, thoughtful first-time candidate who has gained confidence as she's grown more comfortable with campaigning.

Kennedy has pushed incumbent Carl Brizzi with her ideas and with critiques of his performance. Voters should be appreciative of that effort because it underscores what elections are designed to do -- give the public solid choices and push incumbents to address weaknesses.

Brizzi, however, remains the better choice to lead the Prosecutor's Office for the next four years.
The Republican incumbent has built a strong record in his first term, helping drive creation of the Criminal Justice Planning Council, working across party lines to confront issues such as jail overcrowding, and adapting methods to tackle emerging threats such as gang violence and methamphetamine use.

Kennedy has sharply criticized the incumbent's record, but an Indianapolis Star analysis of cases during Brizzi's first term found that his felony conviction rate matches the national average, as determined by a U.S. Department of Justice study.

Brizzi has stressed Kennedy's lack of experience: She's never prosecuted a case and acknowledged in an interview with The Star's Editorial Board that the only witness she's ever cross-examined at trial was in Small Claims Court.

Kennedy counters, reasonably, that former Prosecutor Stephen Goldsmith had never prosecuted a case before his election.

Like Goldsmith, Kennedy could compensate for her lack of experience by surrounding herself with strong deputies.

But is there a need to oust an experienced and largely successful incumbent prosecutor?

On that count, Kennedy hasn't made the case. She's not shown convincingly that she would do a better job than the incumbent.

Brizzi does need to address a couple of weaknesses in a second term. It may be impossible to separate entirely politics from the prosecutor's office, but Brizzi at times seems too eager to score political points against his adversaries.

He also is too quick to thrust himself into the center of media attention. He recently, for example, showed up, reporters in tow, to deliver a search warrant to the Marion County Coroner's Office. He also decided this year to prosecute his first death penalty case, the high-profile Hamilton Street murders.

Then there is the campaign itself. Both Brizzi and Kennedy have been far more negative than necessary in their advertising. Given the admirable qualities both candidates offer, it's a shame they have felt it necessary to personally attack each other.

Voters will have two solid choices on Election Day. Carl Brizzi, however, deserves a second term based on his experience and the strength of his record.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Quick Quiz

What do former Pacer Fred Jones and Prosecutor Carl Brizzi have in common?

They both scored 16 points on their opponent last night.

In a WTHR channel 13 poll, Marion County residents overwhelmingly showed support for Brizzi. The end result, Brizzi has a 16 point lead. The Kennedy camp was already going off issue negative their latest ad. I assume that it will only get worse from here as desperation sets in.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Corruption?

I am hearing that there is more to come with regards to the Center Township Trustee's wrong-doings.

I will update as I confirm information.

A Hat Trick of Prosecutor's Race Info

Three things to look at this morning regarding the Prosecutor's race.

1st Frugal Hoosiers has a post tearing apart the latest Melina Kennedy commercial.

2nd It has been 19 days since Kennedy released her neighborhood notes plan and it is still not available anywhere on-line. Not much of a plan if no one can find it.

3rd Ironically, Tully is tired of the Prosecutor's race. He always writes about it, yet he talks about the slowing interest. Confuses the smartest of us.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The Dems are back at being totally insensitive and tasteless. In the latest e-mail they sent to me, this picture to the left was included. Yep, those are flag draped coffins.

There are a lot of dirty things in politics, but using the dead bodies of soldiers should not be one of them.

Just goes to show that D's have no idea or are able to grasp what is really at stake this year.

Some Big News Today

Abdul just announced that the former public safety director under Mayor Bart,Robert Turner, has officially endorsed Carl Brizzi for prosecutor. Pretty interesting endorsement since he worked closely with the Mayor and former Deputy Mayor, Kennedy on issues such as crime.

Just one other indication that Kennedy has no business dealing with crime or running for Prosecutor.

From Abdul's Blog:

Former Marion County Public Safety Director Robert Turner is endorsing Republican Carl Brizzi for Prosecutor over Democrat and former co-worker Melina Kennedy. Turner says Kennedy is a good person, but is not qualified for the job.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Shame On You

Apparently, Mayor Bart doesn't like to follow the rules very much. Maybe that is why is he pushing his party candidate, and former deputy, Kennedy for Prosecutor so hard. He doesn't wanted to get Jacksoned. The Star and Mary Beth Schneider ran an article yesterday about Bart taking money from a fundraiser ran by a former State Employee. Check it out:

Ex-state official fined over fundraiser

The Indiana State Ethics Commission has fined a former deputy commissioner of transportation $6,100 for holding a political fundraising event in 2003 for Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson.

The commission found that Vaneeta Kumar violated a state policy barring state employees from soliciting political contributions from people who do business with their state agency.

Kumar held a fundraising event at her Indianapolis home for Peterson's re-election campaign on Aug. 10, 2003, and invited representatives of at least four contractors working with the state Department of Transportation, the commission found.

David Thomas, the state inspector general whose office investigated the incident, said the fine upholds an ethics rule "designed to prohibit firms who want to do business with the state agency from being placed in the position of being solicited to contribute to the state employee's political causes."

Kumar is the first person investigated by Thomas's office to contest the findings and ask for an ethics commission hearing, Thomas said.Earlier this year, former Department of Transportation Commissioner Bryan Nicol agreed to a $5,000 fine for holding another fundraising event for Peterson, at which Kumar was a co-host.

Friday the 13th

Beware, strange things may and probably will happen today.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not Much Of A Debate

Last night the two candidates for Marion County Prosecutor squared off in their second debate. As the evening went on it became more and more clear the strategy Kennedy is using. Kennedy agreed with Brizzi on about 95% of the issues discussed only having disagreement when it was apparent she didn't know what she was talking about.

This is just one in a number of steps the Kennedy campaign is taking to muddy the waters. Kennedy's website is seemingly run by people with a commodore 64. Everything is hard to access, and there is no real information about Kennedy stance on any issue.

The best part is trying to find her Neighborhood notes, or plan for the prosecutor's office. It isn't there. Not anywhere on the site.

Kennedy can take shots all day at a case here or there, but when it comes down to it, she has no plan. She has no ideas!

In a real campaign about issues, wouldn't you want your issues out there, in the open for everyone to see? Not Kennedy. The fewer people who know about her and the ideas she puts in a plan, the better.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tully's Take

Tully takes a look today on Melina Kennedy's soft stance on crime and gangs. If Kennedy had ever been in a courtroom, she would know that someone accused of a crime will do anything to avoid going to jail. They will find God, they will swear off drugs, they will apologize to the Court, but in the end, it is all just a game to avoid doing time.

There are a lot of good preventative and rehabilitative programs out there to help kids that find trouble early in their life. A slap on the wrist and a written statement that they will not be part of a gang will be about as effective as a stick in a sword fight.

Kennedy's lack of experience dealing with the bad guys is showing through with her weak ideas.

Monday, October 09, 2006


There is a report on the Indystar that the Marion County Republican Party website was hacked into by someone.

Sounds like some D's in town are starting to get a little scared. The work of desparate people trying to keep information about Republican candidates off the web.

Hackers have apparently broken into and defaced the Web site of the Marion County Republicans.

The normal site of was replaced with a Web page that includes an anti-Semitic and anti-U.S. diatribe.State Rep. Mike Murphy, R-Indianapolis, chairman of the county GOP, said the hack was discovered over the weekend. Tech staff tried to restore the regular site today, but the hackers struck again this afternoon.

Murphy said the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident. He would not speculate about who the hackers might be, but suggested they might be Turkish and have no ties to local politics.

New Web Ad

Just got an e-mail directing me to Donna Edgar's Website. Edgar is the Republican candidate for clerk. She appears to be the second candidate in Marion County this year to have web ads up and running.

What a inexpensive way to get you message out. Not as high tech as Brizzi's ads at his experienced prosecutor site, but still informative.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Missed It

A pretty good article which I missed until today. Take a look:

The Marion County prosecutor race between incumbent Carl Brizzi (R) and challenger Melina Kennedy (D) is hitting full stride. You know this is the case because the negative attack ads have recently hit the airwaves.

I have paid some attention to the race but have to admit that my interest is minimal. The reason I’m not following the race closely is two fold.

Firstly, I generally don’t favor democrats in positions where being “tough” is a job requirement.
In my opinion, prosecutor is definitely a job that requires being “tough” and I’m skeptical that today’s democrats rise to the necessary level of “toughness”.

Democrats are known for their penchant to “rehabilitate” vs. punish (ie; obtain justice) and I’m a firm believer that the latter should be the top priority while the former is merely a more inclusive possibility depending on the crime committed and the possibility for success.
Secondly, Melina Kennedy is inexperienced in both the courtroom and the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office.

Kennedy claims that her inexperience with being a trial prosecutor is trumped by her organizational skills and ability to lead. I agree to some degree that different experiences and leadership qualities can translate from job to job but that isn’t categorically always the case.
For example, I don’t want a great basketball coach leading a team of surgeons in the operating room…or vice versa.

The fact that Kennedy has never worked in a prosecutor's office, never filed a charge, never tried a case and never prosecuted a criminal bothers me. Moreover, if elected, Kennedy would have less trial experience than every other prosecutor on her staff, including many of the interns.

Our crime wave has been on the upswing in Indianapolis and that makes the choice for prosecutor a critical one. Based on what I know today, I’m not willing to vote for an inexperienced candidate that is aligned with a democratic party known for it’s lack of judicial toughness (or toughness in general).

Obviously, what I’ve written isn’t an endorsement of Carl Brizzi or given you a reason why you should vote FOR him. I’ve just given you the reasons why I likely won’t vote FOR his opponent.
So...sticking with the latest campaign rhetoric, I’m sorry to say I'm unfortunately guilty of writing a negative attack blog.

Shame on me.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We're At War!

Looks like the city is using all of its resources to combat the bird problem. Maybe we should ask them for help in dealing with our crime problem. Read from the Indy Star below:

City's war on birds goes high-tech

Business operators, residents and visitors will get a sample tonight of what likely is to become the latest effort to shoo away starlings and other birds whose droppings foul Downtown businesses and sidewalks.

Officials from Indianapolis Downtown Inc. and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services are planning a demonstration of three tactics intended to safely drive birds away including the use of streamers, small pyrotechnic blasts and hand-held lasers.

If the demonstration proves effective and inoffensive to businesses and visitors, the new tactics could be employed in the coming weeks as flocks of birds swoop into the Downtown area seeking shelter, said Julia Watson, vice president of marketing for Indianapolis Downtown Inc.

The thousands of winged nighttime visitors that flock to the central city during the fall and winter leave behind large amounts of excrement that is both unattractive and a potential health hazard.

“The USDA folks know what to expect, but we want to understand how that will play out in the Downtown,” said Watson. “For example, if there are guests in a hotel, we want to know what effect the sounds and lights might have.”

The work proposed by the USDA would supplement efforts being made by individual property owners.Watson said the federal workers would be responsible for providing the equipment and implementing the bird relocation plan, with the cost paid by Indianapolis Downtown, a public-private partnership that helps develop, manage and market the city’s Downtown.

You're Out!

Deputy Mayor Eugene Anderson is officially out of the administration in the Mayor's office. Anderson has a 8 year old arrest for domestic battery. He resigned today.

Looks like the double standard has struck again. The Dems, who gave Eric Dickerson all kinds of trouble for a 15 year old arrest that was later dismissed, have created a situation where Anderson could not stay on any longer.

Anderson's case apparently was dismissed as well. The problem was, Dems made it out that no one should be active in government with that type of arrest.

I wonder if anyone in the Peterson administration knew about the arrest which was here in Marion County? I wonder if his co-worker, Melina Kennedy knew about it?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Does anyone else think that officers should have a big say in who their boss is, and who they have to work with?

I do, and I think a lot of other folks in Marion County do.

Last night, the local FOP voted to endorse Steve Davis for Sheriff, and Carl Brizzi for Prosecutor. Both offices work closely with police officers to help protect our city.

Officers have to work on a daily basis with these offices and would know best if they were doing a good job, and whether they should hold the office.

It is vital this year, maybe more than any other, that we have a strong group of individuals working to make things better here.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Or not? Indy Undercover proposed revealing who runs the website yesterday. When the time came for pulling back the curtain, nothing.

That is ok, it is better not to know the name of the informative officer. Keep bringing behind the scenes looks at what is going right and wrong in the business of protecting the city.

One thing is for sure, if a police officer is not happy with their leadership, then us normal folks shouldn't be either.