Sunday, October 22, 2006


Brizzi continues to rack up the support. Today's Indy Star endorses Brizzi for another 4 years. You can read it here, or below

Bring back Brizzi as prosecutor
Our position: Incumbent has the record and experience needed to serve second term as Marion County prosecutor.

Two good candidates are competing in the race for Marion County prosecutor.

Democratic challenger Melina Kennedy, a former deputy mayor, is a sharp, thoughtful first-time candidate who has gained confidence as she's grown more comfortable with campaigning.

Kennedy has pushed incumbent Carl Brizzi with her ideas and with critiques of his performance. Voters should be appreciative of that effort because it underscores what elections are designed to do -- give the public solid choices and push incumbents to address weaknesses.

Brizzi, however, remains the better choice to lead the Prosecutor's Office for the next four years.
The Republican incumbent has built a strong record in his first term, helping drive creation of the Criminal Justice Planning Council, working across party lines to confront issues such as jail overcrowding, and adapting methods to tackle emerging threats such as gang violence and methamphetamine use.

Kennedy has sharply criticized the incumbent's record, but an Indianapolis Star analysis of cases during Brizzi's first term found that his felony conviction rate matches the national average, as determined by a U.S. Department of Justice study.

Brizzi has stressed Kennedy's lack of experience: She's never prosecuted a case and acknowledged in an interview with The Star's Editorial Board that the only witness she's ever cross-examined at trial was in Small Claims Court.

Kennedy counters, reasonably, that former Prosecutor Stephen Goldsmith had never prosecuted a case before his election.

Like Goldsmith, Kennedy could compensate for her lack of experience by surrounding herself with strong deputies.

But is there a need to oust an experienced and largely successful incumbent prosecutor?

On that count, Kennedy hasn't made the case. She's not shown convincingly that she would do a better job than the incumbent.

Brizzi does need to address a couple of weaknesses in a second term. It may be impossible to separate entirely politics from the prosecutor's office, but Brizzi at times seems too eager to score political points against his adversaries.

He also is too quick to thrust himself into the center of media attention. He recently, for example, showed up, reporters in tow, to deliver a search warrant to the Marion County Coroner's Office. He also decided this year to prosecute his first death penalty case, the high-profile Hamilton Street murders.

Then there is the campaign itself. Both Brizzi and Kennedy have been far more negative than necessary in their advertising. Given the admirable qualities both candidates offer, it's a shame they have felt it necessary to personally attack each other.

Voters will have two solid choices on Election Day. Carl Brizzi, however, deserves a second term based on his experience and the strength of his record.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger GaryJ said...

They endorsed Brizzi because they know that Melina will lose.
They stil have faith in Frank and Julia.
I would love to see The Star get a slap in the face on the 7th.

At 5:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MEDIC Neighborhood Assn. is sponsoring a Meet the Candidates Forum and Debate from 6-9 PM.
Debates will be 1/2 hour each for Center Township Trustee, Marion County Sheriff, Clerk, 7th District Congress. Other candidates for offices will be introduced from 6-6:45.

Debates will be from 7-9 PM:
Donna Edgar and Beth White, Marion County Clerk candidates have agreed to debate on Friday, 11/3/07
Crispus Attucks High School.

Steve Davis and Barry Campbell, Marion County Sheriff candidates will debate.

Eric Dickerson for 7th District and Linda Ivey for Center Township Trustee have agreed to debate their opponents Julia Carson and Carl Drummer.

No Shows:
Frank Anderson for sheriff previous commitment.

Julia Carson for Congress and Carl Drummer for Trustee, neither have responded to the invitations.

I guess they are taking the voters for granted.

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The endorsed Brizzi becuase Meliar is an idiot. Seriously, she allowed her law license to LAPSE. Before she ran for prosecutor, she wasn't able to practice law. Shows out seriously she is about being an attorney.

At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it true the Meliar didn't have a law license when she decided to run for Prosecutor?


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