Monday, October 09, 2006


There is a report on the Indystar that the Marion County Republican Party website was hacked into by someone.

Sounds like some D's in town are starting to get a little scared. The work of desparate people trying to keep information about Republican candidates off the web.

Hackers have apparently broken into and defaced the Web site of the Marion County Republicans.

The normal site of was replaced with a Web page that includes an anti-Semitic and anti-U.S. diatribe.State Rep. Mike Murphy, R-Indianapolis, chairman of the county GOP, said the hack was discovered over the weekend. Tech staff tried to restore the regular site today, but the hackers struck again this afternoon.

Murphy said the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident. He would not speculate about who the hackers might be, but suggested they might be Turkish and have no ties to local politics.


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I just have to ask if this is usual Republican silliness or if you've elevated it to a new level...

You say, "Sounds like some D's in town are starting to get a little scared." We'll overlook the fact that democrats are the party most Jewish folk belong to (so they probably wouldn't be leaving anti-Semite remarks) and, well, they're Americans so the anti-U.S. remarks probably wouldn't apply here either.

But then, to top it all off with some *gasp* logic... The chairman of your party for the county - you know, follow along, it's the same party that had their site hacked - says it was probably Turkish hackers with "no ties to local politics."

So, if I'm not mistaken, the county chair of your party has just called you a liar. Or full of crap. Your choice...

It sounds like Republicans that are despErate. Trust me, as a democrat I can even spell it correctly...


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