Friday, October 13, 2006

Shame On You

Apparently, Mayor Bart doesn't like to follow the rules very much. Maybe that is why is he pushing his party candidate, and former deputy, Kennedy for Prosecutor so hard. He doesn't wanted to get Jacksoned. The Star and Mary Beth Schneider ran an article yesterday about Bart taking money from a fundraiser ran by a former State Employee. Check it out:

Ex-state official fined over fundraiser

The Indiana State Ethics Commission has fined a former deputy commissioner of transportation $6,100 for holding a political fundraising event in 2003 for Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson.

The commission found that Vaneeta Kumar violated a state policy barring state employees from soliciting political contributions from people who do business with their state agency.

Kumar held a fundraising event at her Indianapolis home for Peterson's re-election campaign on Aug. 10, 2003, and invited representatives of at least four contractors working with the state Department of Transportation, the commission found.

David Thomas, the state inspector general whose office investigated the incident, said the fine upholds an ethics rule "designed to prohibit firms who want to do business with the state agency from being placed in the position of being solicited to contribute to the state employee's political causes."

Kumar is the first person investigated by Thomas's office to contest the findings and ask for an ethics commission hearing, Thomas said.Earlier this year, former Department of Transportation Commissioner Bryan Nicol agreed to a $5,000 fine for holding another fundraising event for Peterson, at which Kumar was a co-host.


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CHeck out Indy Undercover. There's a great post about Melina Kennedy.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Sir Hailstone said...

Since when has the source of fundraising bothered Mayor Bart before?

You know like City of Gary and NIPSCO, the recent Mayor Bart & Meliar trip to Hammond for a shakedown hosted by Tom McDermott, this is nothing.

Mayor Bart has NO principles. He's gaining on King Richard II for the corruption king.


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