Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We're At War!

Looks like the city is using all of its resources to combat the bird problem. Maybe we should ask them for help in dealing with our crime problem. Read from the Indy Star below:

City's war on birds goes high-tech

Business operators, residents and visitors will get a sample tonight of what likely is to become the latest effort to shoo away starlings and other birds whose droppings foul Downtown businesses and sidewalks.

Officials from Indianapolis Downtown Inc. and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services are planning a demonstration of three tactics intended to safely drive birds away including the use of streamers, small pyrotechnic blasts and hand-held lasers.

If the demonstration proves effective and inoffensive to businesses and visitors, the new tactics could be employed in the coming weeks as flocks of birds swoop into the Downtown area seeking shelter, said Julia Watson, vice president of marketing for Indianapolis Downtown Inc.

The thousands of winged nighttime visitors that flock to the central city during the fall and winter leave behind large amounts of excrement that is both unattractive and a potential health hazard.

“The USDA folks know what to expect, but we want to understand how that will play out in the Downtown,” said Watson. “For example, if there are guests in a hotel, we want to know what effect the sounds and lights might have.”

The work proposed by the USDA would supplement efforts being made by individual property owners.Watson said the federal workers would be responsible for providing the equipment and implementing the bird relocation plan, with the cost paid by Indianapolis Downtown, a public-private partnership that helps develop, manage and market the city’s Downtown.


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