Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Up to No Good

Looks like Carl Drummer is up to his old tricks again:

Small claims judge sues Center Twp trustee

lawsuit filed against Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer by the township's small claims judge accuses him of meddling in the court's hiring and budgeting.

Judge Paula E. Lapossa filed the suit Monday in Marion Superior Court. It argues the Indiana Constitution allows the court to hire and supervise its employees, determine the court's expenses and provide adequate space.But the lawsuit says Drummer, the longtime trustee, hasn't provided sufficient office space, equipment or supplies. He also has interfered in hiring court staff and won't pay fees owed this year to a pro-tem judge and an interpreter, the lawsuit says; the pro-tem judge, whose name is not provided, sits in for Lapossa during some sessions and is owed $2,200.The Center Township Board approves the court's budget, but the lawsuit says Drummer has not consulted the court before presenting its budget.Lapossa's suit requests a court order barring Drummer from interfering in those areas and an order to pay the fees.

The state of Indiana also is listed as a plaintiff, and the township board is listed as a defendant.Attempts to reach Drummer today have not been successful.The case has been assigned to Judge Gary L. Miller, but not hearing date is set.

Friday, December 15, 2006

City Council Gets Smarter

In today's Indy Star we learn that Greg Bowes was replaced on the CCC by Cherrish Pryor last night. Pryor was selected in a special caucus last night.

Pryor has been working in the City-County Council administrative office as legislative and public affairs director since 2004. Bowes you will remember has no clue about anything and thought the prosecutor was filing too many charges against criminals.

Good bye to Bowes who is off to mess up your property tax assessments! Bowes was recently elected as the new Marion County Assessor with zero assessing experience.

He also was one of the voting members of the CCC when they voted to give County officer holders a raise. Nice work Bowes, giving yourself a raise. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pick My Daughter . . .OR ELSE!

It what was little surprise, Billie Breaux's daughter, Jean was selected as Billie's replacement in her Senate seat. Jean beat CCC Ron "I hit Police Officers" Gibson in a romp.

Indiana State Senator Billie Breaux won’t be in the Indiana Senate next year. She resigned after she was elected to be Marion County auditor. However, there will still be a Senator Breaux when the legislature goes back into session next month.

On a 55-25 vote, the Marion County Democratic caucus chose Breaux’s daughter, Jean Breaux, to fill out her mother’s terms of office. She defeated City County Councilman Ron Gibson for the job.

Jean Breaux says her opponent fought a tough campaign. “I think he ran a spirited campaign, and I have to applaud him for what he accomplished in the period of time he had to work with,” she says.

Gibson admits that recent legal troubles may have played a part in his defeat. He’s facing charges following a fight during last summer’s Indiana Black Expo. Breaux says she’s looking forward to her new position, but admits will be difficult since Democrats are still in the minority in the Senate.